1. Is the Do Less Planner dated?
    Nope. I decided to make it undated so that you could start whenever you get it, whether that’s January or May. That way, there are no wasted pages (you’re welcome, Planet Earth) and you’ll never feel behind.

  2. Does it have the 2020 lunar phases?
    Yes! The Do Less Planner comes with a PDF showing the 2020 lunar phases.

  3. Is it a calendar or a planner?
    The Do Less Planner is designed to work in conjunction with whatever system you already use to keep track of your appointments. (I use Google Calendar.) While there are spreads for mapping out your year at a glance and your months at a glance, this is not the book to carry in your purse everywhere you go to keep track of what you’re supposed to be doing and when. This is a big-picture planner and will ensure that you stay on track with your body, soul, and goals all year long.

  4. How long is the planner made to last?
    The planner is designed to support you for an entire year. There is one element, the Daily Energy Tracker, that we only included 90 of because including 365 would have made the planner too big. There will be a supplement available for purchase in Q1 of 2020 for those who want a full year of the Daily Energy Tracker.

  5. Will this planner work for me if I don’t have a period?
    Yes! Whether you’ve had a hysterectomy, are past menopause, are a trans woman, have amenorrhea, or are a cis-man, this planner will work for you. We all have a cyclical nature, and while it’s more subtle for some of us than others, it’s there. This planner will help you find yours and utilize it as a superpower.

  6. How does the digital planner work?
    You'll receive two different versions of the digital planner, one that's a writeable PDF that can be used on your computer, tablet, or smartphone and one that can be used on the GoodNotes app on your mobile devices. All instructions for using both versions are provided after purchase.

  7. Will you accept returns and/or refunds?
    All Do Less Planner sales are final. Thank you for understanding.